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More Affordable Places to Live

(Last update: July 2014)


Some more affordable places to live in the United States are covered below, with a few notes about each, along with information on the number of cheap homes for sale as of the last update. Of course, towns with inexpensive housing sometimes lack of good jobs, making them less affordable in the end, so you'll want to investigate these examples more closely before planning a move.

To be included on this page towns have to have decent homes listed for sale for under $125,000. We use for researching this, including only homes with at least two bedrooms, and excluding the lowest-priced 10 to 30 listings (depending on the size of the town) based on the assumption that these usually need more than cosmetic work to make them livable.

In addition to the examples below, here are some other pages you'll want to check out:

Cheap House | Nice Towns - This has examples of towns with homes under $75,000.

More Places to Buy a Cheap House - A few towns remain with homes under $50,000.

Altoona, Pennsylvania

Altoona is in a beautiful setting in the Allegheny Mountains. The population is around 35,000, which means it is large enough to have the usual amenities that most of us want. It is also one of the easiest places on the list to buy a cheap house.

This was one of the original features on our no-longer-existent page of towns with homes for less than $30,000. Now expect to pay over $100,000 if you don't want a fixer upper. Here's a photo of the town...

Altoona Pennsylvania

Warren, Pennsylvania

The City of Warren, Pennsylvania is on the Allegheny River in the northwest section of the state. It has more than 10,000 residents and is the center of the county's business, tourist, and recreational endeavors (it is the county seat). Warren has 21 parks with 180 acres and is the gateway to the Allegheny National Forest. The area has a population of approximately 25,000, and the city claims to have a diversified economic base, with 106 manufacturers employing 6,900 people.

Prices: Not too many years ago this used to make our list of towns with houses for sale under $30,000. Now you have to pay close to $100,000 to get something nice.

Aberdeen, Washington

The City of Aberdeen is located on the southern edge of the Olympic Peninsula at the convergence of the Wishkah and Chehalis Rivers. The economy of the area was based on logging and fishing, but in the last few years there has had to begin the conversion to an economy based more on tourism.

Prices: We loved the area when we drove through in 2002, and we figured it wouldn't be inexpensive for long. We were right, as there are no more $30,000 homes like there were when we went through. Now there are only a few decent-looking places listed for under $125,000.

Cape Coral, FL

There are hundreds of cheap homes for sale in this Gulf Coast city of 154,000. Condos start under $60,000, and many homes that sold for over $150,000 eight years ago are listed for under $100,000 now.

London, Kentucky

London is centrally located along Interstate 75 between the Daniel Boone & Cumberland Gap Parkways. It is close to five state parks and two national parks, as well as Laurel Lake, known for it's crystal clear waters.

Prices: There are a few cheap stick-built houses for sale in the 80's, and some mobile homes on property for less than that.

Fort Madison, Iowa

On the banks of the Mississippi River, in southeastern Iowa, Fort Madison is small town (population 10,700, full of Victorian homes and antique stores. It also has a riverboat casino during the summer months, which is docked 20 miles upstream in the winter. The crime rate is half of the national average - common with these small towns.

Prices: Nice three-bedroom homes start around $90,000.

Colorado Springs, Colorado

What a beautiful setting for a town. Pikes Peak seems to always be within sight wherever you go in the city. There are parks, wilderness, and great nightlife downtown as well. This is one of the larger towns in our selection, with a population of over 350,000. It had our favorite airport when we lived in Canon City, just 40 miles away, and is just far enough away from the craziness of Denver.

Prices: Condos can still be bought for under $75,000 here, but expect to pay at least $115,000 for a nice house. Be aware that in some parts of town the homes are on rental lots, which is why you'll see some listings for well under $100k.

Still More Affordable Places

We don't include much of a description of the towns below, but it is easy to research this online, so here are some brief notes on a few other places with affordable housing.

Butte Montana - There are only a couple dozen homes selling for under $100,000 at the moment, and they appear to need work. You can expect to pay around $110,000 for a decent house.

Austin, Texas - You'll find nice condos for less than $100,000. For decent single-family homes expect to pay at least $120,000.

Klamath Falls, Oregon - There are many homes price at under $90,000, and a few fixer uppers, mobile homes and modular homes under $50,000.

Ridgecrest, California - There are condos and mobile homes for less than $80,000, but expect to pay $100,000 or more for most homes.

Metropolis. Illinois - Not really a metropolis, but there are affordable houses, and even nice brick homes under $100,000.

Amherst, NY - With a population of over 115,000 you'll find everything you need here, and although only a few houses are listed for around $120,000, there are also nice condos around $100,000.

Monett, Missouri - You can buy a livable house here for under $100,000.

Canon City, Colorado - For more on this, which was previously our own home town, see the page Canon City Real Estate.

Traverse City, MI - This is a great place in the summer (I lived here for many years), and now prices are reasonable. Although the properties under $100,000 are mostly fixer uppers or condos, there are some nice homes for under $125,000. Buying a decent home for this price was not easy prior to about 2008.

Recently removed from our list because of rising prices (these no longer meet our criteria):

Rawlins, Wyoming
Marquette, Michigan
Morgantown, West Virginia

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