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Cheap Property for Sale - Examples and Ideas


With or without a house this website is all about cheap property for sale. Of course there are different kinds of real estate that you might want to get at a low price. So let's review some of the possibilities and why they are inexpensive. But first let's look at the pages with updated in 2012 which have examples of specific properties for sale.

The Cheapest Homes in 2012 - Examples of what's available in dozens of places.

Waterfront Properties - Land and homes; 2012 examples for less than $100,000.

Tiny Houses - Some of these are less than 100 square feet ( no joke).

Alternative Housing - School busses, houseboats...

Cabins for Sale - Cheap - Examples from around the country.

Cheap Land for Sale - Some examples from around the country.

Other Pages

We put this site up in 2004 after my wife and I traveled the country in 2002-2003 looking at affordable places to settle down. Many examples we first put on the site were no longer so affordable by 2006. Our own $17,500 home in beautiful Anaconda, Montana would like have sold for at least $75,000 by then (alas, we sold it for $28,000 five months after buying it). Despite the name of the site, we eventually expanded the focus to homes under $100,000, and added pages with examples of towns where those homes were available.

Recently I've had to update those pages again to reflect the lower prices that are once again available thanks to the real estate slump of the past few years. Here are some of the pages with both original and new examples of towns with cheap homes and property for sale:

Anaconda, Montana - Our own story from 2002; the inspiration for this website.

Where to Find Cheap Homes - Places with houses under fifty thousand dollars.

Cheap Houses: More Places - Homes for less than $30,000.

Canon City Real Estate - A bit about our recent home town.

The Most Affordable Places to Live - Originally a page devoted to towns with homes under $125,000, this has had to be updated because some of these same towns now have much cheaper houses.

Cheap Property for Sale: Other Considerations

There are a lot of thing to consider when looking for cheap real estate. If you are investing in rentals, for example, you need to know not only whether you can find cheap units, but whether there is sufficient rental demand to keep them full and rental rates high enough to provide positive cash flow. If houses don't work, consider mobile homes on property. They often rent for nearly what a small house gets while costing less than half as much.

You can find all of the pages on real estate investing (including the latest on where to find cheap income properties) here: Investing in Real Estate.

If you are looking for land to hold for a while, you have to consider the property tax rates where you are looking. Property taxes are very low in this part of Colorado, for example (around Canon City), so it costs very little to sit on a piece of land for a long time. In other areas most of any gains you get can be eaten up by the taxes paid each year.

If you are buying a home for yourself, you have to look at all the costs of owning it. Only then can you fairly compare it to other homes and other areas. Here in Canon City, for example, we pay about $550 annually on a home worth $150,000. Where we used to live in Traverse City, Michigan the same home would have property taxes of about $3,000 each year. Look too at the cost of utilities and insurance for various houses, as well as commuting costs if you are considering getting a cheaper home by living further from work.

There is a lot of cheap property out there as of early 2012. Houses, land, lots, apartment buildings, vacation homes, condos, and commercial property have dropped in price in most parts of the country in the last few years. Consider this a once in a lifetime real estate sale.

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