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A Checklist for Selling a House

(A continuation of How to Sell a House)

By - 2005

The last four sections of our checklist for selling a house are below. I hope you enjoyed the book and found enough useful information in it.

Showing Your Home

____Let the agent do it if you have one.

____Introduce yourself, smile, welcome the buyer in.

____Ask her what she would like to see first.

____Ask her what she is looking for and what is important to her.

____Bring up the best points about the home according to what she values.

____Ask when she wants to move by.

____Show her every part of the home.

____Make a mental note every time she raises some concern.

____Don't argue anything, but try to find a way to give her what she wants.

____Answer all her questions honestly and openly.

____Let her accidentally see your note to yourself about another possible buyer.

____Ask her if she is interested in your home.

____Give her copies of any relevant information you have.

____Ask her when she will be making a decision.


The Offer (This becomes the purchase agreement when both you and the buyer sign it.)

____Review your negotiating lessons.

____Review ways to get a higher price (see Chapter 7).

____Help the buyer write up the offer if necessary.

____Make your counter-offer, but keep thoughts of further compromise to yourself.

____Talk through what you each need.

____Find win-win solutions.


The Purchase Agreement

____Include the complete legal description of the property in the offer.

____Include the price, down payment and terms in the offer.

____Include the amount of earnest money in the offer.

____Get a check for the earnest money (paid to the agency or escrow agent).

____If the buyer needs a financing contingency, specify the interest rate and deadlines.

____List anything that is included with the home.

____If the buyer wants inspections, include a deadline for these to be completed by.

____In counter-offer, include a time limit for the buyer to accept (one or two days).

____Put the proposed closing date in the offer (usually an "on or before" date).

____Specify who pays which closing costs.

____Specify where the closing will be, if you have a preference.

____Specify who pays for title searches and/or insurance.

____Specify who will pay transfer or stamp taxes, unless this is specified in the law.

____Does the agreement specify when the buyer will take possession?

____Include other contingencies you need (wife's approval, close by certain date, etc.).

____Have an attorney review the offer if you're not working with a good real estate agent.



____Make sure the buyer has satisfied all contingencies in the offer.

____Set a firm closing date.

____Get a closing time from the closing company.

____Ask the closing company for a list of what you'll need to bring.

____Ask the closing company for a list of what the buyer will need to bring.

____Get a closing statement at least two days before closing.

____Review the closing statement, note any errors.

____Have the closing company correct errors.

____Have the closing company explain the closing statement until you understand.

____Prepare whatever you need to bring to closing.

____Put it on your calendar and set your alarm.

____ Look over this checklist for selling a house one last time to be sure that you didn't miss anything important.

Note: This is part of the e-book How to Sell a House, which is now hosted on this website and is available for free. You can use that link to get to the table of contents and the links to all pages.

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