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House Selling Tips - Three Good Ones

By - 2006

You can find hundreds of good house selling tips when the time comes to put that sign in the yard. Some tips are more important than others though. Below are three of the most important.

1. Price It Right. Your home isn't worth more because you spend $10,000 making it the way you like it. A house is worth what others will pay for it - period. Real estate agents often have to explain to a nice couple that their $45,000 in kitchen improvements only added $10,000 to the value of the house.

Price it too high, and you may make less money. There will be costs that you pay while waiting to sell. People are suspicious of homes that have sat unsold for a year, and less likely to make an offer even if you do finally lower the price. Also, the perfect buyer, who would have paid the most, might have looked at the home when it was over-priced and walked away. If you want to get the most money, price it right to begin with.

2. Know Your Market. Who are the potential buyers? Putting a sign in the yard wont help much if you're selling a summer home in the woods and all the buyers are in the city. Identify who the likely buyers are, then you or your agent can decide which ways to market the property.

Is yours a quiet neighborhood that is attracting retirees? You might advertise the fact that your house has one level. "No stairs!" could be an important selling point for older buyers. If your neighborhood is attracting young couples, however, it would be a waste of words. Learn your market before you try to sell.

3. Make Cost-Effective Preparations. Always clean the house and mow the lawn, but the other things you do to get ready for the sale should be cost effective. First do those things that will give you a three-to-one return on your money.

Of course it's not important - or possible - to be that precise. The point is to do things that raise the value more than they cost. $1,000 to repave the driveway may add $3,000 to the value of the house, but a $50,000 pool might add only $25,000 in value. Start with low-cost first-impression things, like replacing that dented mailbox, then work on bigger things that get "the most bang for the buck."

With time and motivation, you can find endless little house selling tips. In fact, you can find many more right here on this site. Not be a bad idea, but why not start with the most important house selling tips first?

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