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How to Make Money in Real Estate

By - 2006

Here's a quick look at how to make money in real estate. First, some of the pages available on this site that discuss various ways in more detail. Following that I have reprinted the table of contents from an ebook that covers dozens of ways, some quite creative.

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Unusual Real Estate Investments - Flea markets, hunting lodges and more.

How to Get Started in Real Estate Investing - A few tips for those who are starting out.

Home Ownership for Profit - A home is not normally a great investment, despite what people say, but there is a way to make it into one.

Real Estate Negotiation Techniques - Sometimes making money is about buying right.

Sell Your Rental Property for More - It's all about the income, as you'll see in this quick guide to getting top dollar.

Creative Real Estate Investing - Some things to try.

Table Of Contents From 69 Ways Top Make Money In Real Estate

Number 1: Pay Cash - Sell With Terms

Number 2: Buy In The Path Of Growth

Number 3: Buy Low - Sell High

Number 4: Speculate In Hot Markets

Number 5: Buy - Sell On Lease Option

Number 6: Rental Houses

Number 7: Fixer Uppers

Number 8: Buy Fixer Upper - Sell Contract

Number 9: Buy - Fix - Rent

Number 10: Buy Mobile Homes - Fix - Sell

Number 11: Mobile Home Rentals

Number 12: Rent Rooms

Number 13: Buy - Change Use - Sell

Number 14: Buy Land And Build

Number 15: Split Land Into Lots

Number 16: Buy Homes With Extra Lots To Sell

Number 17: Option Land And Find A Buyer

Number 18: Commercial Property Rentals

Number 19: Lease Farmland

Number 20: Invest In Real Estate Partnerships

Number 21: Option Special Properties

Number 22: Buy Options In The Path Of Growth

Number 23: Get Referral Fees From Agents

Number 24: Buy - Extract Resources - Sell

Number 25: Sell A Conservation Easement

Number 26: Buy - Sell To National Or State Forest

Number 27: Sandwich Lease With Option

Number 28: Mobile Home Parks

Number 29: RV Parks

Number 30: Convert Homes Into Duplexes

Number 31: Convert Duplexes Into Single Family Homes

Number 32: Condo Conversions

Number 33: Condo Rentals

Number 34: Sell Your Real Estate Knowledge

Number 35: Become A Real Estate Agent

Number 36: Tie Real Estate Investments Into Other Businesses

Number 37: Office Buildings

Number 38: Self Storage Units

Number 39: Build-To-Suit

Number 40: Foreclosure Homes

Number 41: Pre-Foreclosure

Number 42: Buy Discounted Real Estate Notes

Number 43: Broker Real Estate Notes

Number 44: Use Capital Gains Exemption

Number 45: Tax Liens

Number 46: Tax Sales

Number 47: Buy Under-Utilized Properties

Number 48: Buy - Raise Value Of Neighborhood

Number 49: Convert Basements To Maximize Value

Number 50: Get Property Rezoned

Number 51: Find Motivated Sellers

Number 52: Timeshares

Number 53: Write About Real Estate Online

Number 54: Create Shared Water Frontage

Number 55: Flip The Contract

Number 56: Refinance Rental Properties

Number 57: Buy And Sell Mobile Homes In Your Park

Number 58: Make Hard Money Loans

Number 59: Equity Sharing

Number 60: Sell Home - Buy Cheaper Home

Number 61: Billboards

Number 62: Buy Apartment Buildings

Number 63: Buy Apartments - Increase Income - Sell

Number 64: Buy Real Estate That's Not For Sale

Number 65: Buy HUD Homes

Number 66: Buy Unique Properties

Number 67: Buy At U.S. Marshal's Auctions

Number 68: Buy FSBO Properties

Number 69: Buy, Improve and Sell Small Pieces of Land

Number 70: Be a Slumlord

Number 71: Buy Pre-Construction

Number 72: Put Modulars On Lots

Yes, there are more than 69 ways, but I didn't want to change the title after adding a few. And of course if you start thinking creatively there are probably 100 more ways that I don't cover. In any case, to get more information on this ebook, and learn more about how to make money in real estate, use the link below.

69 Ways to Make Money in Real Estate

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