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Marketing a Home

(A continuation of How to Sell a House)

By - 2006

This last of four pages on marketing a home starts with a look at something you may not want to do, but which is crucial if you want to sell your home yourself. It is learning how to sell.

Learn How to Sell

One mistake that sellers make when talking to buyers is to get defensive about their home. Listen to the criticisms, and resolve them or ask how important the issue is to the buyer. In other words, try to learn a little about selling.

Seriously, if you want to sell your home on your own, and you are not already a salesman, go get a book. It will keep you from making the most common mistakes, like arguing with or contradicting buyers instead of finding a way to give them what they want.

A buyer might be entirely wrong in thinking that your stove is an inferior brand, but arguing the point will more likely lose the sale than change his mind. Better to say, "You may be right. I'll tell you what. Write me a full price offer and I'll have whichever stove you want in here the day of closing."

Selling is about listening and finding a way to give the person what they need and want. You may not be able to do that with your home, by the way. Selling doesn't mean "convincing" a person to buy something they neither need nor want. Your home has to suit them in any case, but even if it doesn't, you should always listen anyhow. Even a person who doesn't buy your home might point out a problem that you can resolve before showing it again.

Adjust Course

Sometimes, when marketing a home, you have to rethink your strategy. If you or your agent aren't getting many calls, find out why. Is more advertising necessary, or is the price too high? Drop it fast, if price is the problem.

Listen to comments of prospects. They will be more objective than you. If you hear several times that the kitchen is dark, get out the white paint.

Find out what the average sales time is in your area. If your house is taking longer than average to sell, there is a problem. Usually it's price.

More Tips for Marketing a Home

Be sure to ask your real estate agent what he plans to do to market your home - before you sign a listing agreement. Write down what he says, and hold him to his promises.

If there are any known problems, such as an old roof, get an estimate for repairs. The sellers may want a $7,000 allowance for a new roof - until you show them your $4,000 estimate

Make a map showing nearby stores, parks and libraries, and have copies available for buyers.

The book continues with pages on how to get a higher price, which includes ideas about marketing a home in certain ways.

The book continues here: Sell for More - A few key ways to boost that sales price.

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