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How to Profit From Real Estate: Ways 21 to 40

The list starts here: 100 Ways to Profit From Real Estate


With titles linked to relevant resources, we continue with the next twenty ways to make money from real estate...

21. Buy an RV park - Renting sites to recreational vehicles, or "RVs," can be a great cash flow business if you fill your spots.

22. Sell real estate notes - You can either sell notes (mortgage loans and other contracts for which you receive payments) you already have to raise cash or buy and sell them for a profit.

23. Buy land and build a house - The most basic strategy of "spec builders," this is covered in the real estate course linked to at the bottom of the page.

24. Condo rentals - Cash flow can be good and there is also real potential for appreciation if you buy while prices are down.

25. Flip land - More specifically, buy small parcels for cash to get the best price and sell with easy financing to get the highest price.

26. Homes with extra lots - Buy a house, split off the extra lot and sell it, then sell the home or have better cash flow for the amount now invested - covered in the real estate investing course linked to below.

27. HUD homes - Though they're supposed to get a market price, these houses often sell cheap enough to make money on them, especially after a few repairs and improvements.

28. Basement conversions - I know an investor who bought a house and created a bedroom in the basement for $1,500 to bank a quick $10,000 profit on the resale - I cover this in the real estate course (see the resource section below).

29. Apartment buildings - Buy for cash flow, and if you also get price appreciation consider it a bonus.

30. Apartment building flipping - Large income properties sell based on net income, so buying cheap and raising the income in various ways can lead to a big profit.

31. Buy a cheaper home - If you sell your home and buy where houses are cheaper, you can pocket the difference and maybe even upgrade at the same time.

32. Create shared water frontage - Buy several homes, a piece of water frontage, and then attach a share to the title of each property to really boost the value when you sell.

33. Wholesale real estate - Get your cheap offers accepted and then assign them (sell for a profit) to investors who actually want to do the work on the properties.

34. Fixer upper mobile home investments - Buy mobiles that scare off most investors and make them livable again.

35. Sell water rights - Some residents in Colorado and other states get water "shares" with property (a right to use a certain amount of natural water), and these can be split off and sold separately.

36. Start a house staging business - Get paid to help others sell their homes for more by properly presenting them.

37. Buy lots to sell to homeowners - I did this once. There are sometimes empty lots in a town and the owners of adjacent homes would love to buy them but don't have the money. You buy for cash and sell at a higher price to them with nothing down and easy payments.

38. Split land - Buy larger parcels of land and split them into smaller ones to maximize profits when selling.

39. Buy unique properties - If you have a good feel for how much an "earthship" home should sell for, you can buy cheap and sell for a profit. Unique properties is one of the topics in 69 Ways to Make Money in Real Estate (link at bottom of this page).

40. Billboard real estate - Buy land, put up a billboard and rent that advertising space for great cash flow - also covered in the e-book 69 Ways to Make Money in Real Estate.

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