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How to Profit From Real Estate: Ways 41 to 60

The list starts here: 100 Ways to Profit From Real Estate


Here are the next twenty ways to profit money from real estate, with titles linked to relevant resources when those are available.

41. Sell easy financing - If you have cash to invest, you can buy cheap and sell high by providing easy entry and low payments.

42. Be a real estate agent - Get paid for real estate deals without investing in them, and be the first to see the really good deals.

43. Tie into other businesses - When you have renters, you have a market for furniture and other products and services - a subject covered in the free real estate investing course you'll find in the resources below.

44. Make the neighborhood better - There are always ways to encourage neighbors to improve their properties and to do it yourself, to make your own investments worth more.

45. Self storage investments - A little land, a building full of storage units, and you're in business.

46. Buy REITs - Real estate investment trusts allow you to easily get rental income and capital gains through your retirement or stock trading account.

47. Commercial rentals - These are covered in the free online real estate course linked to below (near the bottom of the page), and they have distinct advantages and disadvantages when compared to other methods of investing.

48. Sell mobile homes in your park - If you own a mobile home park, there is a huge opportunity to buy and sell mobiles for big profits, especially if you buy from desperate sellers for cash and sell to desperate buyers with easy financing.

49. U.S. Marshals auctions - These auctions are for properties seized by a variety of agencies, and they can sell cheap. leaving room for a nice profit when reselling.

50. Lease farmland - This was one of the first ways that Warren Buffet made money, and it's a topic in the free real estate investing course you'll find a link to at the bottom of this page.

51. Buy discounted notes - An seller who is still owed money on his property might will sometimes sell the loan for 80% of the face value to raise cash, so you get the interest and a big gain.

52. Short sales - Uncommon just a few years ago, now banks are regularly allowing sales for less than is owed, so the owner gets out of debt while you get a deal.

53. Buy real estate that's not for sale - Make an offer before the owner decides to sell and see what happens. make it low enough to make a profit when you sell, of course.

54. Buy rental properties - The basic idea here is to have cash flow after every last expense; appreciation is a bonus.

55. Referral fees - If you know a lot of people you can arrange for a referral fee for each customer you send to a real estate agent.

56. Office buildings - Big or small, there are opportunities renting to businesses that need an office (see the real estate course in the resource section below for more on this).

57. Get a book contract - There are many ways to make money writing about real estate, starting with getting a book published.

58. Self publish your book on real estate - Why wait for a publisher to offer you a deal when you can have your book out there for less than $900 and by next month.

59. Write an e-book on real estate - My experience is that it's really easy to do this now, but less easy to sell many copies.

60. Make a niche website - I have several real estate websites, and they have made me a lot of money.

The list continues here: Methods 61 to 80

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