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How to Profit From Real Estate: Ways 61 to 80

The list starts here: 100 Ways to Profit From Real Estate


These are the next twenty ways to make make a profit from real estate, starting with a few more ways to make money writing about the related subjects.

61. Publish on Kindle - You can open an account for free and sell your real estate investing books in this electronic format for a 70% commission.

62. Use revenue sharing sites - You write the pages on your favorite real estate topics, and they split the advertising revenue with you.

63. Be a blogger - You can blog about any aspect of real estate that you want, and make money promoting product or selling advertising.

64. Convert a home into a duplex - This is a way to boost the cash flow from a big rental house, and is covered in the course linked to in the resources below.

65. Make a duplex a single family home - The opposite of the above plan, this works to boost the value of a house in some areas, and is also covered in the course.

66. Sell a conservation easement - This is a way to raise cash on your existing property or a plan to make when investing.

67. Buy and lease back to seller - This is typically done for large retailers who need to get their capital out of a building and are willing to give you good cash flow to buy the property and lease it back.

68. Large item storage facility - Some cheap land is perfect for this. Buy it, fence it, and charge a monthly or seasonal fee for people to store their boats, RVs and other large items there.

69. Equity sharing - Not a method used much (if at all) these days, but in times of rising prices you can help people get into a home for a share of the appreciation and other equity built up.

70. Fixer upper houses - Buy cheap, fix and improve, and sell for a good profit; a great idea if you do it right.

71. Limited partnerships - This is a way to invest without the liability, and it is covered in the free course linked to further down this page.

72. Buy rental property fixer uppers - The idea here is to either make better cash flow or sell for a profit after fixing the place and raising the rent.

73. Garage rental - If you have a large garage you don't need, you can rent it out to a band that needs a place to practice, an artist for a studio, or a mechanic. You might do this as part of a rental you buy, and collect rent for both the residence and the garage.

74. Option special properties - Paying for cheap options and then looking for buyers can work well with fruit orchards, parking lot sites and other "special" properties.

75. Under-utilized properties - Buy properties that aren't fully utilized (like a mobile home park with empty spaces), make full use of them to generate cash flow or to sell for a profit.

76. Timeshare investments - The first buyer usually loses on these partial-ownership properties, but investors can later buy cheap to sell for a profit.

77. Sell to your renters - This is a way to get out of the headaches of being a landlord and get a good price for a house without paying a commission. Do it with good tenants and provide easy financing to make this work.

78. Invest in tax liens - Make up to 20% returns buying property tax debts, guaranteed by the local taxing authority.

79. Tax sales - Buying at the point where the property is lost due to back taxes means getting the property cheap.

80. Use your land - If you have land that you are speculating on or just waiting for a better time to sell, look for ways to generate income while you wait, like, leasing it to a flea market, or charging for parking on it.

The list continues here: Methods 81 to 100

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