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How to Profit From Real Estate: Ways 81 to 100

The list starts here: 100 Ways to Profit From Real Estate


We continue with the last twenty ways to make money from real estate, starting with a trick that a friend of mine used years ago to make money from property he bought with his home.

81. Extract resources - A friend bought a small property and sold off half the trees for thousands of dollars without reducing the value of the land - one example of how to profit from undervalued resources that come with some real estate.

82. Use the capital gains exemption - Live for two years in a home and sell it for a tax-free profit, then repeat.

83. Split waterfront property - The idea here is to buy waterfront property and then either split it to create two parcels to sell for a profit, or split off any large area away from the water to sell, because the waterfront piece left will not normally lose as much value as the money gained from the sale.

84. Government real estate auctions - There a number of government agencies that auction off real estate, sometimes at really low prices.

85. Be a hard money lender - The page linked to here explains how to use such lenders if you are a fixer-upper investor, but you can be the lender if you have some capital, and make 15% or better on your money.

86. Lease-option fixer-upper - Leasing a home is an easy way to get in with less money while you fix up a house for sale.

87. Rent a yard - Some New Yorkers are renting out space in their yards to neighbors who would like to garden but don't have a yard. It might work in other areas.

88. Sell with a lease option - This is a way to get significantly higher rent and a better sale's price.

89. Mobile home investments - Most investors are not aware that you can get better cash flow and equity buildup with mobile home rentals.

90. Modular home investments - Buy cheap land, buy a cheap modular and put them together to sell for a profit.

91. Pre-construction investing - Put a deposit on a condo or house before it's built and sell for a profit when it's done.

92. Get real estate rezoned - The idea here is to buy cheap and get the zoning changed to make the property immediately more valuable.

93. Create a campground - Apart from the usual ways this is done, some homeowners charge for camping in their yards when people are attending nearby events, like concerts and rallies.

94. Create and sell real estate options - Pay s few hundred dollars for an option on a property and then sell the option for a big profit.

95. Grow Christmas trees - This is a good way to generate income from land that you plan to hold for years. If you don;t want to do it yourself, lease the land to a tree grower for ten years.

96. Real estate speculation - The timing has to be right (and now is probably not the time), but some investors have done well just buying, holding as prices rise and selling for big gains.

97. Refinance rental property - This is a way to take profits without selling or paying any capital gains taxes.

98. Invest in rental houses - A solid plan for thousands of years; just be sure that you have cash flow from the start.

99. Rent rooms in your house - I paid off my first mortgage doing this.

100. Sandwich lease - You lease a home and then rent it out for more than you pay, and the free real estate course linked to below shows you how to also sell for more than you pay on a lease option deal.

100 Ways to Make Money With Real Estate - This is where the list begins.

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