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(An excerpt from 69 Ways To Make Money In Real Estate)

By - 2005

To write a simple real estate e-book requires no large investment, but has large profit potential. However, this isn't just about writing ability and passing on your knowledge. You also need to learn marketing skills - perhaps even more than writing skills.

If you know something about real estate you can sell your knowledge. One of the easiest ways to do this is with simple e-books that you can sell online. They are cheap to make and unlike with paper books, you can keep most of the money from every sale.

To set up an account with an order processor like ClickBank costs about $50, and probably less than that to set up a simple web site to sell your e-book on, if you do it yourself. A domain name costs less than $10 per year to register, or about 75 cents per month. Hosting for web sites is as cheap as $6 per month now. If you don't already have internet access, you can get it starting at $10 per month (although I recommend paying $40 for cable internet access).

What other business can you start for three hundred dollars or less, and have overhead costs of less than $50 per month? If you use simple articles to promote your web site (as I do), you don't even need to spend a penny on advertising.

The standard now is Adobe PDF. Many will tell you that you have to pay $300 or more for the PDF creation software, but hat isn't true any longer. You can use Adobe PDF online to make your e-books without having to learn nearly so much technical stuff. Get the book right the first time, and you can even do it for free (they usually give free trials). Otherwise, you can pay just $11 per month to use the service as long as you need it.

What Kind of Real Estate Book?

Try to find a new angle on a topic. Books that simply have 70 ways to invest in real estate, or another rehashing of zero-down techniques are tough sells - even if they have great information. If you can sell them at all, you probably won't be able to price them very high. People want something new.

One way to put a book together is to just report on what others have done. Give examples and easy to understand explanations.

It is even better if you have some personal experience in a specific area of real estate, so you can speak with authority. It is best if you not only have experience making money in some specific way, but it is also a method that can be used in most parts of the country. Leasing cheap land in Northern Michigan to Christmas Tree farmers may have been very profitable for you, but it won't get people in other parts very excited.

Let's suppose you've learned how to buy houses with basements and convert the basements into legally conforming bedrooms. Basement space adds little to the price of a home until it is carpeted and has proper windows to make it legally habitable space. By doing so you have made a large profit buying and selling several homes. Now put your system on paper!

Many parts of the country have homes with basement that are unfinished. There are a lot of investors who can't seem to make any money with their over-priced rental homes - and they would love a new way to make some money. This is a book you could sell.

Make the e-book as useful as possible. A good step-by-step guide doesn't even have to be very long. Many e-books that sell for as much as $60 or more are less than 100 pages, and why not? One good idea can make or save the reader hundreds of dollars after all. As long as the most crucial information is there, and it is an easy-to-read and easy-to-apply format, you have done your job - as a writer.

Your next important job is as a marketer. This is the job that really makes you the money. In fact, this is so important that you may want to pay for someone to write your sale's page. This can cost as much as $2,000, but you may sell three or ten times as many books as if you did it yourself. Ask for examples of previous successful work.

Short on cash? You could try to arrange to pay a nominal fee up front and then a percentage of each sale. This could mean much more in the long run, but keep your initial costs down. It also means that the ad copy writer has a keen interest in making a page that sells.

Have a bonus or two that go with the book. These can be other short books on related topics. They can also be something as simple - but useful - as a checklist for inspecting houses or searching for them.

How much can you make with an e-book? That depends a lot on your marketing. Let's suppose you create a $27 e-book or "e-course". Using ClickBank as an example, you will get to keep about $24 of each sale. You can also offer a commission of say, 50% to other ClickBank affiliates who refer customers to you. These are sales you otherwise almost certainly wouldn't have, so $12 is more than fair.

If you can generate traffic of 200 visitors daily to your web site, and 1% of them buy the book, you'll sell about 60 books per month, for an income of $1440. (Minus advertising if you are paying for traffic.) If affiliates refer another 20 sales or so your way, for another $240 in revenue, the total would be $1680. Want more income? Promote the book more, or leave the site to do it's thing and write another book.

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