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A New Real Estate Investing Book

By - 2006

I finally put together my own real estate investing book. (That is the link to go learn more or to buy it.) I sell it on my web site,, where my other e-books on various topics are also sold. The title of the book? 69 Ways To Make Money In Real Estate.

My own first real estate investment was back when I had a job that paid just $3.40 an hour. I managed to save enough to buy my first piece of land, for $3,500. The property was 2.5 acres near where I lived (this was over 20 years ago). You can see how that turned out on the sales page for the book.

Some of what you'll get when you buy my real estate investing book:

A friend made hundreds of thousands of dollars using a simple formula for flipping "fixer uppers," and he never lifted a paint brush. I'm going to show you his formula - in detail. I'm also going to show you 68 other ways to make money in real estate, like the following:

$ The formula that makes millions for small town real estate investors.

$ How to buy hilltops to lease to radio stations.

$ Can you be a good "slumlord"?

$ Techniques for great returns on your cash.

$ Techniques that don't require any cash at all.

$ How one investor skyrocketed the income from his billboard properties.

$ You can write simple real estate articles and stories and make money from them - by giving them away. I've made many thousands of dollars doing this in the last year alone.

$ Buy in the path of growth for big returns on raw land.

$ Do you think "low ballers," those shameless investors who make ridiculously low offers, expect their offers to be expected? Think again! Learn what the real point of a low offer is in Chapter 3.

$ How about the myth that mobile homes depreciate in value? Learn they don't go down in value if you buy them right, and why they are the cash flow kings of rental properties.

$ Learn how to get more rent from a house and sell it for a higher price, by using a lease option.

$ You could be making these mistakes with your rental home investments. Read Chapter 6.

$ What is a home is worth? It doesn't have anything to do with what you've spent.

$ A great example of how you "flip" a fixer upper is found in Chapter 8.

$ Young and single, I had an idea, and suddenly, I had thousands of dollars extra cash each year. Find out exactly what I did in Chapter 12.

The book is sold as a PDF download, meaning you can be reading it minutes from now. There is a nice little bonus that comes with this real estate investing book as well. Why not go check it out right now? Here's that link again : 69 Ways To make Money In Real Estate.

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