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More Rocky Mountain Homes

A Continuation Of The 2007 Rocky Mountain Real Estate Road Trip

By - 2007

Rocky Mountain Homes can be really expensive we found as we continued through the Jackson Hole area. The average home price in Jackson Hole is over $450,000 now. But even as we got further away it took a while for the prices top drop much. here are some more towns we drove through and checked out.

Victor, Idaho

The cheapest listing we could find was $160,000 for a one bedroom condo. And Victor isn't much of a town (sorry to those of you in Victor, but we are entitled to our opinions), except for it being near some great mountains. Prices were similar in the small towns as much as 60 miles away from the Tetons. Obviously people want to be as close to these beautiful mountains as they can afford.

Ennis, Montana

All of southwestern Montana has great scenery, and Ennis is no exception. It is a very small town (about 1,000 people), and the Census Bureau information shows the average home price as only $109,000 as of 2004. Apparently Ennis has been discovered since then. There are not many homes for sale, but the ones that are listed now are all closer to $200,000.

Butte, Montana

Butte was a thriving mining town, and then after 1980 a dying mining town. Now it is on its way back. Home prices have gone up a lot in the last five years, but you can still get a decent house here for under $100,000. If you like fixer uppers, they start as low as $25,000 (their are several around this price as I write this).

Anaconda, Montana

This was our final destination for our Rocky Mountain Real Estate Road Trip was Anaconda, where we had lived briefly five years earlier. While there are no more decent homes for less than $20,000 (see the photo of our $17,500 home on the home page), you can still find a few under $100,000. For more on homes in Anaconda, see the pages Anaconda Montana is Discovered and Anaconda Five Years Later.

Winding Up The Rocky Mountain Real Estate Road Trip

We returned home ten days after we started. Our conclusions? Rocky Mountain homes are going fast. If you love the Rockies, you may want to consider getting into a town like Fort Collins, Colorado, or Anaconda, Montana before it is too expensive.

Another possibility:

Consider the last affordable mountain town in Colorado, our own Canon City. For more on that, see the page: Canon City Real Estate .

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