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Rocky Mountain Real Estate Road Trip

By - 2007

We have had an interest in Rocky Mountain Real Estate ever since we bought a home in Anaconda Montana in 2002 for under $20,000 (see the photo on the home page). After briefly returning to Michigan and then moving to Tucson, Arizona, we now live in Canon City, Colorado. We have returned to the mountains we love, but over the years we have always wondered what happened to Anaconda. So in August of 2007 we took a road trip to see.

While we were at it, we decided to stop along the way, picking up real estate guides and driving around the streets of the towns we passed through. We wanted to get a feel for what it costs to buy a home in various parts of the Rockies. Here are some quick notes on what we found.

Colorado Springs, Colorado

We love this city, which is only 40 minutes from us. There are colleges, arts, night clubs, and more. As you walk through the downtown area, you continually see beautiful Pikes Peak to the west. Although most homes are well above $100,000, there are still a few at the moment that are listed for less than that. Also, condos are a bit cheaper for the space than houses.

Boulder, Colorado

We had a great time in Boulder. The mountains are nearby, and the downtown is wonderful. We stopped to watch street performers and went to a farmers market and food event in a park, where we had Vietnamese and Mexican food. But Boulder is expensive. There are no decent homes below $250,000. However, there some condos priced below $150,000.

Longmont, Colorado

This is another nice city in the mountains (or at least near them). Houses and condos seem to be priced about the same for the space here, based on what is for sale at the moment. You can find several decent ones listed in the $120,000 to $150,000 range.

Loveland, Colorado

Nice town. Real estate is roughly the same price as Longmont. There is one two-bedroom house under $100,000 at the moment, but it appears to be a true fixer upper.

Fort Collins, Colorado

This may be one of the more affordable towns along the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains. As I write this there are several houses and condos that are below $100,000. Example: "$99,900 - 3 Bed, 1 Bath, 1,070 square feet; Remodeled home on a corner lot. New paint in & out, new appliances, new floor coverings, newer light fixtures. New furnace and central air conditioning.

Note: Continues with more on Rocky Mountain Real Estate, on the page Wyoming Real Estate.

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