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Waterfront Property - Which Type?

Many people like the idea of buying waterfront property, with a home or to build a home on. But there is more than one type of waterfront. Which type is right for you may not be as obvious as you think.

Ocean-Front Property

The classic waterfront home is the big place on the ocean. Many of us would like to walk out our door onto the sandy beach. Of course, this is not only the most expensive way to get waterfront, but it perhaps the riskiest as well. Homes along the ocean often face damage or even complete destruction from storms. And in addition to being expensive to buy, they tend to be very expensive to maintain and repair.

Lakefront Property

Lakes are not usually as risky as the ocean, although a home on big water like Lake Superior or Lake Michigan can be damaged by erosion and storms just like ocean-front houses. But even the big lakes are safer than the oceans for swimming and boating, if that is in your plans. And Lakefront houses are almost always cheaper than ocean-front ones.

Waterfront Access

Some properties are near a lake or ocean, and come with a common area that is accessible to all owners in a given subdivision. Though walking across the street or down two blocks to get to the water is not quite the same experience as having it outside your backdoor, there are advantages to this kind of home. First, you will pay less than if you have direct frontage. Also, because you are not on the water, the potential for storm damage or erosion damage is less. The beach itself may suffer erosion, but your home will be safe.

Riverfront Property

A home on a river is a very different sort of waterfront property. You don’t generally have big waves, and though boating opportunities may be limited, you can fish without a boat. This is also one of the cheapest types of waterfront property you can buy in most areas. Just be sure that it is a river that does not normally flood, or that your home will be above the floodplain.

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