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Wyoming Real Estate

A Continuation of the 2007 Rocky Mountain Real Estate Road Trip

By - 2007

After we drove out of Colorado, the first Wyoming real estate we looked at was in Laramie, Wyoming. This is only about 40 minutes from the Snowy Range, a part of the Medicine Bow Mountains. If you like easily accessible mountains and alpine lakes full of trout, this is a prime location. Here is what we found in Laramie and other Wyoming towns.


This town is close to the mountains and relatively inexpensive. At the moment there are four houses listed for under $130,000, and a couple condos in about the same price range.


Located on I-80, Rawlins is almost an hour from the mountains, which partly explains the lower prices. At the moment you can find several homes under $100,000.


On the east side of the Wind River Range, this is great location, but it is still a small town (population 7,000 or so). Decent homes start at about $150,000 now. There is a lot of space out here if you like to fish, hike hunt or wander the mountains.


This is a great little town on the west side of the Wind River Range. It is more expensive though. Nice houses and condos start at over $220,000 at the moment. Pinedale is just down the highway from Jackson Hole, which may partially explain the higher prices.

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